I have been away from my blog for way too long. This is the first time in the last two years since I've started my blog that I haven't posted in at least a month's time.

Here's my excuse. My husband and I are expecting baby #4, and our boys are so excited! So needless to say I've been exhausted when I get home from work, which has led me to neglecting my blog. However, I am entering the second trimester so I'm hoping for my energy to soon make a come back.

My post for today is about how my students and I make connections. Making connections gives students an authentic learning experience. It allows students to have a more positive attitude towards learning, and creates opportunities for learners to collaborate and produce polished products. 

My students have pen pals in New York and Iowa, whom we write to at least once a month. We just sent out our first pen-pal letters introducing ourselves and asking our pen-pals a few questions. 

We are also collaborating with a class in California on a Geography project. They are sending us information on California, and we are sending them information on Louisiana. We are just finishing up our first product, which is a map of Louisiana outlining all of our 64 parishes. We have also written in our state symbols on the side. 

We have also made a connection with a class in France, who has already sent us a letter describing their class and their country. We are still working on ours.

Last but not least, our class is still connecting with our trucker buddy who has collaborated with me for the past two years. He has already sent us pictures from his travels to Canada, and we are looking forward to seeing pictures to his next destination to Alaska. 

How do you make connections? 

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