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What are we going to do today? This is the usual daily question I get from my boys during the summer.

Well, do I have a surprise for them. Today we are going on a Sno-ball Hoppin' Adventure. I googled the top sno-ball stands in the New Orleans area and saved them to google maps. (See below) Here are a few sites that I retrieved information from about the most popular snowball stands in the New Orleans area from here and here.

The plan is to visit each site, take a picture in front of each one, purchase a sno-ball the most popular flavor of course, split it amongst myself and my 4 boys using Mardi Gras cups, and then rate it with a smile or frown from my boys. This should be fun!

So first up today was the Cold Spot (2837 Barataria Blvd.) in Marrero because this is the closest one to our home and the only snowball stand we ever go to. This is our usual Friday treat after school or when we are just looking for something sweet and cold. The boys usually get flavors such as Pokemon, Rainbow, Orange, Strawberry, and Ice-cream, but today after some research I found that Chocolate is best here at this stand.

Here is our votes on Chocolate………. I thought it was pretty yummy! It was rich tasting and the ice was soft. Definitely one I may order next time I'm looking for something sweet. 

Hansen's was our next stop across the Crescent City Connection to 4801 Tchoupitoulas Street in New Orleans.  This was a new stand for us as well as the rest coming up. I loved the ambiance of this place. There's lots of homemade sno-ball flavor signs, and they are even pet-friendly. Here we tried the flavors Satsuma, Grapefruit, and Watermelon. They were all natural flavors, delicious, very light, and not too rich which is perfect in my opinion. Hansen's was my favorite of all today!

Here is our votes on Satsuma, Grapefruit, and Watermelon…………. Satsuma was by far the best of all three! 

Plum Street Snoballs was our third stop at 1300 Burdette St. in New Orleans. Their sno-balls were pretty cool because they serve them in pails. Kind of hard to see from the second photo below this one, but because it's put in a pail they give you a plastic bag when it begins to leak. Here we tried the KingCake flavor. It was very rich and had a creamy consistency. 

Here were our votes for the KingCake flavor sno-ball……………… Excuse Bryce's thumb down, he didn't like any of the fancy flavors :(

Our 4th stop was to Pandora's Snowballs at 901 N. Carrolton Avenue in New Orleans. I didn't have any flavors in mind to try here, so we just asked if they had any special flavors. We were told they are the only stand with Sky Blue Cream, so Sky Blue Cream it was.! It was very rich, but pretty delicious! 

Here were the boys' votes for Sky Blue Cream……………………..

Our 5th stop was to NOLA Snoballs at 908 Harrison Avenue in New Orleans. The boys were tired at this point considering we had been in the car driving around for 2 hours since the start of our Sno-ball Hoppin day. Also, Bryce at this point as I stated earlier wasn't fond of the fancy popular flavors, so I caved and let him get a Strawberry Sno-Ball. 

Here are the votes on the Strawberry sno-ball…………… It was good and a regular flavor. 

 Our final and 6th Sno-Ball Stand was Sal's Sno Balls at 1823 Metairie Road in Metairie. Evan, in red, wanted to choose the flavors. We tried Coffee and Lemon-ice. They were both really yummy! This was probably by far the most kid-friendliest of sno-ball stands. They had lots of stumps for guests to sit and shaded areas for you to enjoy your sno-ball.
Here were our votes for Coffee and Lemon-Ice …………….Lemon-Ice was my favorite! 

All in all it was a fun day and the boys really did enjoy the Sno-Ball Hoppin Adventure despite some of their grumpy and tired faces. Thanks to my iPhone for getting us to and from each stand. I don't think I've ever driven through so many back streets throughout the city. 
So, we had 10 Sno-Ball stands on our original itinerary, added one- Plum street snowballs, and made it to six and it costs us just about $20. At most places, we only ordered one small for us all to share. This resulted in me getting asked by the employees if I'm sure I just want one, or them repeating my order in a question when they noticed I had 4 boys with me.  I explained to them that we were on our Sno-Ball Hoppin Adventure and this wasn't the first stand today we've visited :)

I'm looking forward to another Sno-Ball Hoppin Adventure in our future!

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