Blog Commenting Party

The greatest blogging party on Earth was held last Thursday, November 10th. The students in my homeroom and my partner teacher's Mrs. Wilson's class hosted the party. The students brought home invitations to the party inviting their parents to attend. The purpose of the party was for the students to showcase their blogs and teach their parents how to make a quality comment.Students showcased their blogs through the site Kidblog that they have been working hard on since September. They have made several posts since September ranging from an "All About Me" post to "What I am Thankful For."

We began the Blog Commenting Party by showing the parents a video that my homeroom students made to teach their parents how to make a quality comment.

Then I presented to parents an anchor chart I made to remind them how to make a quality comment.

Students had a great time showcasing their blogs, and their parents had a wonderful time engaged in reading their child's blogs and making quality comments.


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