My 4th grade classroom is ready, and tomorrow is the 1st day of school for students. Yesterday and today I had time to get my classroom ready and get activities planned for the first day. Also, today from 1-3pm we had a Meet & Greet for parents and students to come drop off their supplies.

So here's a look into my classroom.

This is the view from the front of the room. I am trying out a new desk arrangement. I will see how it works with students tomorrow. I think the two groups of desks in the middle may be too close once students are seated. I may go back to having 6 groups of desks.  Tomorrow will tell!

Here's another view from the front of my room. Here you can see students have a goody bag on each of their desks. It is filled with a rice krispie treat, goldfish, an eraser, and gummies. They also have a pencil, water bottle and a first day of school packet on their desk. 

Here's a closer look at some of the bulletin boards in my room. This is my Focus Wall where the anchor charts the students and I create will be placed. To the left of the board is where the objectives will be placed and the Essential Question will be written. To the right of the board is our writing pencil to remind us of the Writing process and next to that is the garbage can. The garbage can is where we throw away overused words.

Here's the homework board. Their first assignment which isn't written yet will be to write down and learn their home address. They will use it next week when we begin learning Map Skills in Social Studies. They will get to enter their address in Google Earth and locate their home.

 This is the class behavior board. Students get 3 chances or card pulls util their first step is followed. Our class rules which are from WBT (Whole Brain Teaching) are on the left, and the class jobs are at the bottom of the board. The class jobs rotate weekly.

This is the Homework Board which is derived from the Super Improver Wall from WBT. All students start off with a white star. Once they get 10 punches on their index cards for completing all homework for 10 days straight they move up stars. They are rewarded a prize at each level. Whoever makes it to the top star at the end of the year gets a snowball or a Happy Meal.
 Here's a look at the front left side of the classroom. You can see my library genre bulletin board on the left, mentor texts below, my workstation and the class promethean board.

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