Teaching online safety is going to be crucial during the first two weeks in my classroom. My students are going to be utilizing our ipads, netbooks and laptops for reading, blogging and creating projects. However, they must first be taught how to properly handle the equipment and once surfing how to be safe. Brainpop has an excellent video on online safety that we will first view and discuss. Then students will have an opportunity to play a game I created using Scratch to practice what they learned.

Scratch Project

This past school year I had the opportunity to work with a wonderful tehnology intern at my school. She worked with my students and me to integrate technology and Web 2.0 tools effectively into our classroom. She introduced us to many tools such as Wordle, Glogster, GoogleEarth and Edmodo.

The best of all is that she notified me of a technology model classroom grant that my school system was offering to teachers. Applicants could receive between $10-15,000 worth of equipment. So, obviously I went to work right away and begin applying for the grant.

On Thursday, May 26th our last day of school I received a text from my assistant principal who informed me to check my email right away because something was sent to me from the Technology department. I tried accessing my email from my phone but because I can't double click I couldn't open my email. So I was eager to get to a PC a soon as possible. When I finally opened my email it was an email from Dr. Mabel Moore, Chief Technology Officer, that began "JPPSS Division of Technology is pleased to announce that you have been selected to participate in the Technology Model Classroom Grant." Attached was a letter from her which began with - "Congratulations! You have been selected to receive one of the first JPPSS Technology Model Classroom (TMC) Grants. Your current practices and plans to integrate technology into the curriculum have earned an award to outfit your class with the hardware and support you need to be successful."

Here's a list of the hardware that will be placed in my classroom:
10 iPad2
5 Dell Netbooks
1 Laser Printer
1 Digital Camera
1 FlipCamera
5 GPS units
1 DEll Station Laptop Cart
30 headsets and micrphones

Upon accepting the grant I am agreeing to the following:

JPPSS Model Classroom Grant recipient must agree to the following:
• commit to a minimum of three years to the JPPSS Technology Model Classroom environment which will involve ongoing administrative and peer observations;
• willing to submit the following classroom samples as part of an electronic portfolio in the JPPSS Blackboard site to be used as a staff development assessment tool: student samples, ongoing monthly journal reflections, digital pictures, digital video clips, and alternative assessment samples;
• post at least one lesson plan online at Promethean Planet per semester;
• participate and complete all activities in the JPPSS Blackboard collaborative environment (coming in the near future);
• satisfactorily complete at least one online course per year via the JPPSS Blackboard or other web-delivered course (cost covered by JPPSS Technology Department);
• integrate technology units and activities that utilize technology resources to support standards-based learning;
• attend the fall and spring JPPSS Technology Model Classroom collaborative meetings (release time is provided by the district);
• attend LaCUE Conference at district expense;
• submit a proposal to present at local, regional, or national conference during one of the three years of commitment;
• Applicants are required to produce a final technology “product” each year representing their progress towards their 3-year PGP (i.e. website, CD-ROM, electronic portfolio, video, multi-media presentation, etc. that will be submitted electronically or via CD/DVD).
• Applicants must assure that technology is infused into their PGP that:
• meets local and state content standards;
• contains direct links between content standards from two or more curriculum areas and the State Technology Standards.

I am so excited about the TMC grant and can't wait to introduce all the new equipment to my incoming 4th graders. I have so many great ideas and am looking forward to a great 2011-2012 school year!
This week in my masters program I am being introduced to gaming programs, which I can hopefully integrate into my classroom with my fourth graders. Alice is the name of the program we are working with this week, in which I will practice and in the end complete a product with focus on one of the 4th grade grade grade-level expectations. I will post later next week my completed project with an objective.

Well, after lots of practice and time I decided the focus of my product would be on a cheer routine. My second passion! I created three cheerleaders doing a cheer routine including motions, transitions and even a basket toss at the end. Would this be a program I would implement into my 4th grade class? Maybe not, but it would be a great program to use with older students high school age or college that are interested in computer gaming design.

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