When the end of the year begins approaching, the students always become anxious for summer. State Testing is over and grades are in for the final report card and basically school is over, but there's still a week left of school and some sort of structure must still be maintained. So, in order to calm those anxious students I found, borrowed and created 5 EOY projects.

1. Waving Good-bye to 5th Grade Art Project

This idea I found on Teaching in Room 6's blog. This is one fantastic teacher to follow! Students were instructed to trace their hand and then to draw a self portrait. Next they adorned the background of their photo with memories of 5th grade including friends, field trips, best activities, etc. Then the picture was fully colored. Finally, they traced their hand on a separate piece of paper cut it out and used a brad to attach it. Voila! They were now waving goodbye to all of their memories in 5th grade.

2. Word Cloud using Tagul

This idea I was reminded of when sifting through Pinterest. Students rotated out on our 3 desktop computers to create a Word Cloud filling them with 5-6 character traits to describe themselves. I had a list of character traits on the board from them to choose from. 

3. Magnet and Pencil

Here was our EOY gift to students. A pencil purchased from Oriental Trading and a magnet encasing their school photo. The magnets I made for all students since it required using a hot glue gun.

4. Question of the Day

This idea I borrowed from @5thgradeinflorida my students loved! I posed a question with the day of the week for students to ponder and answer on our class board. The students were always eager to come in the class to see what the theme and question would be.

5. Beach Balls for Class Signatures

Another great idea found on Pinterest. Each student received a beach ball which I purchased from the Dollar Tree to collect signatures from their friends. 

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