Classroom Tour

Today I made my way into my new classroom, which is about 4 doors down from my old classroom. Here's a before picture. 

Another before picture

This is how it looked after my husband and I worked in the room for 6 hours. I still have lots to do! 

This is my homework board. I adapted the idea from the Super Improver Wall from WBT. Students will all start off with a white star and once they get 10 hole punches in their index card for completing homework they move up to the next star. Students receive an incentive at each level. 

This board will be where I write homework, the objective or learning goal, and the essential question for the Reading lesson. My husband had to put his touch on the room by writing my name on the board. :)

This board contains my Class rules, class jobs and information about our Class economy. The bare board to the left will be for writing anchor charts. Not sure what I will put in the space to the right. I'll take suggestions! 

Here's part of my library. 

Here you can see my test strategy board and the cart which will hold my laptop connected to the Promethean board. 

Here's the front left of the room. Still have lots to do here. This will be my goal on Monday. 

Oh my goodness! That pink box on the wall is driving me crazy! This room really needs to be painted, but I don't have time. Not sure what I will do with this area. Yuck!

This is the back of the classroom. Work to be done here also! I really need a classroom designer. 

I'd love your comments! 

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  1. Looks like you have put a big dent in it. :) There is never enough time is there?


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