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Teaching online safety is going to be crucial during the first two weeks in my classroom. My students are going to be utilizing our ipads, netbooks and laptops for reading, blogging and creating projects. However, they must first be taught how to properly handle the equipment and once surfing how to be safe. Brainpop has an excellent video on online safety that we will first view and discuss. Then students will have an opportunity to play a game I created using Scratch to practice what they learned.

Scratch Project

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  1. Thanks for responding to my read aloud post. Last year I read Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing just as a read aloud. We discussed it as we went and made a lot of personal connections. I have used this text in a small group setting before so I have some resources I will be more than happy to share with you (that is if I can locate them on computer). I would love to skype with your class. I have never done that before but I know my kids would love it. If you want the resources email me at


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