Sequencing and Social Studies Galore!

This past week my student teacher taught her Unit. Her lesson focus was on Sequencing. She created an excellent and highly engaging lesson for the students from learning what Sequencing is all about, to reading a story and students participating in higher order thinking questions. Finally, on Thursday ending with an expository writing.

Tuesday she did a shared reading of the True Story of the Three Little Pigs and discussed the sequence of events within the story. Then students were given a bag including the events in the story in which they were to sequence in their notebooks, and then add to each strip a sequencing word. Finally, to close the lesson students were given choice to write a letter to the wolf giving him suggestions on what he should of done or writing to the governor stating why he is innocent. They did a great job on their letters, and some students even shared!

Thursday students wrote a how to essay on how to blow a bubble. Students were given a piece of gum and 3 minutes to chew their gum, and attempt to blow a bubble while thinking of all the steps to getting to blowing the bubble. Then students used a graphic organizer to write out their steps. A hook and a conclusion was given to students.

Also, on Thursday we had a special visitor. I planned for one of our local meteorologist from channel 4,Carl Arredondo, to speak to the students about his job, the weather and about maps including latitude and longitude.

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