PenPals, Louisiana Culture, & Our Trucker Buddy Visits

Yeah! We received our very first pen pal letters Monday. Students were excited to carefully open their envelopes and read all about their new faraway pals from New York. Thanks to Jen and her 4th graders from New York for the pen pal exchange.

I am looking for one more 4th grade class to pair up with my second class of 28 4th graders. Leave me a message in the comments below if you are interested in being our pen pals!

Students also worked collaboratively this week in Social Studies learning about Louisiana's Regions to create a poster and a short commercial showcasing their region. First, they gathered information from an informational article to answer questions on their region. Then they took the information gathered and filled in a script. Finally, they worked collaboratively to create a poster depicting their region and rehearsed for their commercial to present to the class. Check it out!

Thanks to my awesome student teacher for putting together this experience for students. Students became active learners and were encouraged throughout to problem solve, communicate and make decisions.

Our trucker buddy Mr. Eason also came for a visit on Friday. Both classes had the opportunity to meet with him and tour his truck. Check it out!


  1. Hello!
    I have a class of 24 4th graders in upstate NY. I would love to be pen pals with your class!! Please email me with information. I know my students would really enjoy being involved!

  2. I have a class of 20 4th graders in the Dallas, TX area. We would love to be pen pals with your class!


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