January Currently

I know I'm a few days late, 3, to be exact but better late than never, right? I'm linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy Fourth Grade and lots of other bloggers. 

Listening- I am listening to the Today Show in the background. I usually get to listen to about 15 minutes of the show in the morning, but during the break I've been able to sit down and drink my coffee and enjoy the show.

Loving- Loving that I was able to sleep till 9am every morning during the break. This was due in part to my wonderful husband who took off of work during the holidays. He woke up with our three boys every morning.

Thinking- about all that I will do on my last day off today- SHOPPING! That's what I'll do. Hoping they still have lots of good sales.

Wanting- to update my house this year. I started yesterday with buying paint for the hallway bathroom, the twins' room and our kitchen. My husband started on the bathroom last night and it will be finished today. I also ordered a new shower curtain from WestElm to go in the hallway bathroom. This bathroom really needed an update for the boys. Now to decorate the walls!

Needing- to take down the Christmas decorations. I think out Christmas tree is staying up till the 9th. Thats's when they are coming by to pick up trees to use them to help in saving our wetlands. Other than that, I still need to pick up a few things outside and inside the house.

My One Little Word is FOCUSED- Let's just leave it at that!

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