Sharing a Bit of Our Culture

    Today was an exciting day in Room 3 for my Shining Stars. We participated in two Skype calls in which we hosted and presented information about the history of Mardi Gras including king cakes, throws and parades. We even ended our calls with our own parade marching around the room to "Mardi Gras Mambo" and some students throwing beads.

Our first Skype call was with @powell4thgrade .  You can view our Skype call below!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing Mardi Gras with us! We had such a fabulous time! Your class was amazing! We hope to connect with you in the future!

    Mrs. Powell

  2. That was so cool Erica! I really need to start doing this kind of thing. Great job kids! I can tell all the research that went in to this skype. There are some hard working, thinking students in your class! Loved it!
    Mrs. Rodriguez

  3. We certainly enjoyed Skyping with your students last week. It sparked a lot of great discussion with my kids. Have a great Fat Tuesday tomorrow!

    Teaching...My Calling

  4. Hi Mrs. Shepherd,
    Loved your video of your Mardi Gras Skype call. I'm so glad you are sharing this great New Orleans' tradition with other classes around the country too. My class has connected with 12 classes so far in the US and Canada. We are doing a few more Skype calls after we return from our Mardi Gras vacation.

    Why do you think doing this kind of activity in your classroom is important?

    Keep on making those connections!


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