Friday's Class Journal

Summer vacation will be here soon! What will you do this summer?

I will be going to a sleep-away camp for one week.I will be doing all kinds of stuff like:shooting rifles and bow-n-arrows.It will be so much fun. I can`t wait to go.We also are going fishing. When I get back I will go swimming and play outside every day.

By: Noah

What was your favorite part of 4th grade and your least favorite part?

This is my  favorite part of 4th grade and my least favorte part of 4th grade. My favorite part is the first day of 4th grade becuase I met my 4th grade teacher. My least favorite part of 4th grade is the time I took the LEAP test. I really did not like it because I was nervous, but it all worked out  for me.  I am going to 5th grade and I just want to scream.


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