Folktales, Fantasy, Non-Fiction Text Features and Some Rah! Rah! Rah!

Today was a very productive day in Room 3. This week in Reading students are learning purposes for writing and identifying the author's purpose in a variety of passages. The anchor chart I used to introduce the lesson can be found here.

I began the lesson by reading the picture book Eppossumondas by Colleen Sally. Eppossumondas is a "noodlehead" tale, which I learned from googling is a tale about someone who doesn't use their brain. The story was delightful and the students really enjoyed predicting the outcomes. We concluded the story with identifying the author's purpose and adding the purpose to our anchor chart.

Next, we continued and completed reading Chapter 3 of Bunnicula. They are really enjoying this story ,and we are stopping to talk to our partners frequently throughout the story to work on our Metacognition and deciphering words using context clues.

Then we reviewed Verb Tenses. I found a fabulous app called Show Me for the iPad that I can't wait to introduce to students tomorrow. They are going to use the app to demonstrate how to use Verb Tenses by recording and annotating on the iPad teaching the skill. However, I am going to have to let them explore the iPad first before I try to get them to do an activity. They are so eager to use them. I was able to get them all registered this afternoon. I plan to pull 10 students to stay in during PE to let them explore and then introduce them to the app so they can teach their partner when they return. Stay tuned for some great examples.

Finally, we moved on Non-Fiction Text Features. Students chose a non-fiction text to skim and scan for non-fiction text features. They located features from the text and recorded them on a manilla folder.

This is not my original idea. I tried locating the teacher I borrowed this wonderful idea from, but couldn't seem to locate the source. Thank You! Now tomorrow we will use the features to practice applying them to test questions.

Finally, for some RAH! RAH! RAH! I had cheer practice after school with the 4th and 5th grade girls. Here are a few pictures of the cheerleaders in action.
We played "Ship and Sailors" during the last 10 minutes of practice. This is an excellent team building activity.

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