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How do you motivate students to read? I motivate my students and empower a passion for reading by introducing them to a plethora of books. Every Monday, students visit the classroom library to choose a new selection for the week. They read their book during our weekly silent reading time, after tests and they are even allowed to bring their book home for more reading. My students also visit our school library every other week. We attend library for a 50 minute block. Student check out books, work on book talks, and participate in information resource lessons. I also motivate my students to read by purchasing books of their interest. Recently, through Scholastic I ordered a 3-D Zombie book and a Wrestling book which have been "hits" with the boys in my class.

Last but not least I motivate my students by asking outside sources such as one of our local librarians from the public library to visit our classroom and present to students a variety of genres.

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  1. Most of my students are not motivated readers, and few have many books at home.
    But I usually catch one or two in this way...

    If they will write down the details of an appropriate-for-school book, I will "one click" the book on Amazon with them. The book is added to the classroom library, but they get to be the first reader.
    They love to open the package and put the classroom stickers on the book.

    It usually only amounts to six or seven books a year (Sigh. I wish more were interested!), but at least a few kids get the joy of "ordering" and reading a book they selected.

    I love to check your site for new ideas!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade


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