Fables and Dialogue

I can write a page of dialogue by including: quotation marks, correct sentence punctuation, cause and effect transition words and commas.

This was our Purpose statement this week in writing.

The last three weeks we have been discussing fairytales, fables and folktalkes and comaparing and contrasting texts across cultures. To wrap up our Unit, I used a writing activity from the basal which I haven't used all year to get students to rewrite the fable "The Ant and the Grasshopper."After re-reading the fable students were to rewrite the fable with the grasshopper taking the ant's advice this time. We looked at the example in the basal and discussed the dialogue between the characters and the use of the transition words to show cause and effect on Monday. Tuesday students wrote their title and began writing their beginnings and one sentence of dialogue. I had them stop with only two sentences on Tuesday because I wanted to make sure students understood how to properly use quotation marks and commas in their writing. On Wednesday, they finished their fables and on Thursday they posted them on their blogs. I tweeted them out using the hastag #comments4kids today! We are still awaiting comments. You can check them out here.

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