A Few Things to Look Forward To....

During the next few weeks, Shepherd's Shining Stars have a few things to look forward to.

   First up is a field trip to our local library. My homeroom and my partner teacher's homeroom are attending a field trip to Belle Terre Library this Friday. Students will have the opportunity to explore some of the resources available to them. On February 16, students have a Social Studies project that is due and will participate in our annual Social Studies fair at school. So, one of their main purposes on the field trip will be to locate 5 books on their topic to gather information from. They will also fill in a bibliographic template to list the books found.

    Next, is an upcoming Mardi Gras Skype! I am really looking forward to this as I know my students will also. Thanks to my good friend and colleague @plnaugle, who shared an exciting Mardi Gras Skype lesson with me. This week and next students will begin researching Mardi Gras to gather information on things like: the history, colors, king cake, beads and doubloons and parades. They will then put together their information found, their own personal views and search for photos to create a Glog using Glogster. Finally, with the help of Ms. Naugle, students will Skype with a few classrooms worldwide to present their projects. Please leave me a comment below if you are interested in learning about the history of Mardi Gras during the week of February 18th. We would love to Skype with as many classes as possible.

    We love communicating via email with our trucker buddy! We have learned so much about our trucker buddy and what his job entails. He sends us pictures and writes us lengthy emails answering all of our questions. The last email he sent, he inquired about our class pet. Well, we don't have one, but now the kids are asking. So, my student teacher told them they could earn  a beta fish by working hard and exhibiting good behavior. I think we are going to have a class pet soon. Our trucker buddy may also make a visit to our school the week before our Mardi Gras break. We are looking forward to his visit.


  1. I would love to set up a Skype! With Alabama in the National Championship, my students saw New Orleans, but they have never experienced it first hand. What a great experience for them!


  2. Either 10:45 or 2:00 CST would be best. That date is great.


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