Making Class Memories Linky Party

I am diving into hosting my first link party! Are you ready? I sure am!

I know all us educators out there do something special or have the students create something special to make lasting class memories of their time in your classroom whether it's signing their class shirt, making a class book, a cd containing pictures from the year, or giving them a gift to remember their time spent with you.

So why not blog about your Making Class Memories project and include the linky party pic below and make sure you link up to this blog post. If you are looking for more ideas on how to celebrate the end of the year you can check out the article in Scholastic Instructor. They have a plethora of ideas!

Our ELL teacher, Mr. Martinez, coordinated our end of the year Making Memories Class book. He had the students write bio poems, then publish and save. He then took their picture and compiled their poems with their pictures to make a class book. The poems turned out great and the students loved reading each and every one. The teachers even created a bio poem. It really turned out to be a great end of the year gift for students to have lasting memories of their classmates.

Now, its your turn to share your End of the Year Class Memory Project!


  1. Love the bio poem. What's the format you used?

  2. That's a cute idea and SO easy! I love it. End of the year can get so crazy sometimes that easy is sometimes best. :)

    The Teaching Thief


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