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I am loving this Linky Party hosted by 3-6 Free Resources on sharing your favorite websites used in your classroom. I don't know what I would do without technology in my classroom. Technology is definitely an essential part of our day. This past year I have grown to love technology even more with all the new tools that I have learned and integrated into my technology model classroom. My students have learned to Collaborate, Communicate, think Critically and become Creative Geniuses!

Here are a few of my favorite websites that my students and I use in the classroom on a weekly basis.

Edmodo- Edmodo is definitely the # 1 website used in my classroom. My students used Edmodo this year in many ways such as: communicating with our Trucker Buddy, collaborating with two other 4th grade classes on a chapter book, answering polls, completing exit tickets, taking reading assessments, and back channeling during a Mystery Skype.

Kidblog- My students used Kidblog this year to create a digital portfolio of their writing. They made weekly posts on various topics and also used their blog to publish their essays. Two to Three student's blog posts were chosen monthly to then be published in our class newsletter.

ClassDojo- Class Dojo is a behavior management tool that I have implemented into my classroom late this year. I came upon this website while blog surfing. The impact this website has had on my students has been phenomenal. Class Dojo keeps my students motivated, engaged and behaving during centers. Students are rewarded points for good behavior and some lose points if they don't follow the rules. Students with the highest amount of points on the last day of our centers earns a reward such as a sticker, candy or a high five. What I love this most is your can control the site from your iPhone!

Skype- We love Skype! Why? We love participating in Mystery Skypes.

Wordle- My students used Wordle during their Word Work Center. They used their Spelling or Vocabulary lists to create a Word Cloud. We also used this site to create "All About Me", and Mother's Day Wordles.

FreeRice- Free Rice is a free online game learning tool that my students used as an early finisher. What a great way to practice their vocabulary and help raise rice to fight world hunger.

Friv- My students favorite online game site.

Fun Brain- The #1 site for online educational games and another favorite of my students.

Hope you enjoyed a few of our favorite websites, and will
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  2. I love following all of your tech posts! I love so many of these, too. Not familiar with Friv, so I am going to check it out now!

    Thanks for sharing!

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