A Peek at Our Week

    Last week was a long week due to Interval testing and Thanksgiving break fast approaching. However, after testing we kept busy with numerous activities. Take a peek at our week!

1. Turkeys in Disguise

We started with a persuasive writing to convince our families why we shouldn't eat turkey for Thanksgiving. We brainstormed some ideas and then students wrote a 3 paragraph essay giving their reasons and details. Then to conclude the lesson they disguised a turkey. Here are a few of the best ones.

Here's a student's sample writing.

2. Skype Call

Next was a Skype call to a 4th grade class in Maine. The teacher from Maine @jennygr4 contacted me through Twitter asking if we would be interested in skyping with her class to compare and contrast our states. Of course we were interested! She sent over a list of questions they would be asking us, and we researched the answers to get ready for the Skype call. During the call, I had a few students volunteers who answered the questions and then we had our turn to ask them the same questions. Great way to learn about another state!

3. Our PreK Friends

On Friday we visited a PreK class to share a Thanksgiving story and help them with a turkey craft.
Fun Times!

4. Baby Shepherd

Went in last Friday for my last ultrasound. Baby Shepherd is 20 weeks along!

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  1. What a great week of activities! Yall are always doing such innovative things. It's great to know such good things are going on in our school!


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