Our Trucker Buddy Visits

    Three years ago I found out about Trucker Buddy through a blog post, and for the past three years my class and I have been buddies and communicating via email with Mr. Eason.
   Today Mr. Eason visited our class and gave my students an introduction about himself, information about his profession and where he has been the last 10 weeks. The last 10 weeks he has been traveling to Alaska for his job. He shared with the students an awesome powerpoint that he put together with lots of pictures of his travels on the road, what he carried on his flatbed, and pictures of the beautiful Alaskan scenery.

Here is the Alaskan flag which he purchased for our class. 

The Alaskan newspaper....

And a mug he purchased just for me from Alaska. How thoughtful!

We love communicating with our trucker buddy, and we can't wait for his next visit. Next time he plans to bring his truck so we can take a tour. It was in the shop being repaired for this visit. 

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