Digital Learning Day

On February 17, my students and I participated in Digital Learning Day.  I first heard about this day which is celebrated around the country through Twitter. During my weekly participation in the Monday night #4thchat on Twitter, teachers were tweeting how they would take part in this day. There were so many awesome ideas shared which empowered me to become involved. About 15 minutes into the chat, I networked with 3 other teachers. We decided to have our students participate in a Kahoot game. @plnaugle hosted the game and set up a google hangout for us to view the game and each other's classes. We played against 3 other classes from Texas, Indiana, and Louisiana. It was exciting!! The first quiz was on identifying different types of Oreo cookies. @plnaugle's class won that game. Then we completed a quiz on logos. It was a win for us! Many of my students had not participated in a Kahoot game against another class let alone a Google hangout, so they were in awe of how cool it was to be live with other classes around the globe. It really was an awesome experience for everyone. Here are a few pics from our day. 

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