Technology Integration

How did you integrate technology during the first week of school? Did you use an interactive flipchart, activotes, online survey, Brainpop, Discovery Education, Glogster, etc..? If you didn't use technology during the first week, how do you plan to integrate technology in your classroom in the future?

I integrated technology during the first week with my 4th grade class by having students complete two surveys. The surveys were created in Google Docs. Students completed a Reading Interest Survey and a Beginning of the Year Survey. You can view the surveys on my Class Wiki.


  1. I will be using my Promethean board, ActivExpressions, a Google Docs survey, 2 Prezi presentations. I will be teaching them to sign in to the computers, use eReaders, and mp3 players. Fun!

    Simply 2nd Resources

  2. We'll be using software on the computers, going online to begin blogging and visiting other sites, and using digital cameras to take pictures. Have a great year! Happy integrating!

  3. Hi Erica,
    As you know I love integrating technology into my lessons. From the very first day of school my students and I used our 15 netbooks to access lots of tools and websites. They created word clouds about themselves using Tagxedo, wrote paper blogs and learned to comment by watching a video made by 3rd graders. They also learned how to log into our Edmodo group and BrainPop. They also got to write their first post on their kidblogs. Of course my Promethean board got a workout as we did our daily lessons in math and social studies.

    Hope your first week was amazing too.


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