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Create Teach Share posted a word of the week freebie she was sharing. She also posted a question of what do upper grades do for Word Work. So, I thought what a great way to integrate technology by making a video using a word of choice from the week's words, when students are at Word Work during Daily 5. My students learn a new word Monday- Thursday where we discuss and look at the word in context. These words are posted on our Word Wall and students will have the opportunity to practice with them during Word Work. They will have two choices during Word Work such as: Spelling City or to create a video using Animoto.

Here is a video I created using Animoto.

Click here to get a checklist I created for students to use when making their video.


  1. Thanks Erica,
    I love it. This is also a really good way to introduce Animoto.
    Did you see the student made Math Video wiki?

    I'm thinking we should make a wiki for students to share Word videos. What do you think?

  2. Would you like to collaborate on it with me? What should we call it? Word Play?

  3. Yes I would love too and I think the students would also love it. Word Play sounds great! Are you also interested in doing a Mystery Skype?

  4. Just starting to use Daily5 this year and was wondering how I would incorporate technology while using it! I love this example as it is a good use of technology while expanding vocabulary!

    BTW: My class would also be interested in Mystery Skype. Have you seen the #4thchat Wiki? http://4thchat.wikispaces.com/Mystery+Skype+Sign+Up

    Thanks for sharing!


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