Big Dreams!

Today My 4th graders had a big dream, a dream to go to college.

Just a few weeks ago, during Morning Meeting, my student teacher Mrs. Ahmad asked the students who planned on attending college. Very few student hands went up, and even one said, " I don't want to go!" Well, that's all it took for my student teacher to put together a field trip they would never forget, where they could begin to dream "Big".

Upon arrival, the students were greeted by the Dean of Education.

Then they were given a Math lesson on "Transformations" by Dr. Germaine McCarthy, who was my professor 10 years ago.

Next, was a shared reading by Dr. Austin. She shared two wonderful books titled Pitching for Eubie by Jerdine Nolen and The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba. They were both wonderful and had two great themes that represented the underlying purpose of our field trip well, which was hard work and persistence comes success.

Then we continued our trip with a tour of the campus. Here is a shot of the University Library.

Then the best part of the field trip came, according to the students, which was lunch at the University Center. Students were treated by an anonymous donor to an all you can eat buffet. Students had their choice of salad, chicken sandwiches, soup, hamburgers, grilled cheese, fries, baked chicken, mash potatoes, veggies and dessert. I've never seen kids eat so much!

Finally, we toured the Recreation center and the dormitories.

Then back to school we went, where students received certificates for attending college for a day. The university also gave them pens, lanyards and a necklace.



  1. Hurrah for your students! Best of luck to them. What a great experience!

    Lifelong Learning

  2. This was a FABULOUS field trip! What a great experience for your students! Thanks for sharing! I am a new follower.


  3. What a great idea! THANKS FOR SHARING!

  4. I love that this idea came from a teachable moment, it gave the students an authentic experience and helped them put their school experience in prospective. They all had some really great questions for the Dean. I know this experience really influenced the Shining Stars to Dream Big.


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