Our Trucker Buddy Visit

Friday was an exciting day for my Shining Stars. Our trucker buddy came to visit!

Back in October, while reading a few teacher blogs I came across a post introducing me to the Trucker Buddy Organization. I immediately went to the site, and I signed us up to correspond with a trucker. My initial thought was a hope for an amazing experience. Now in February, with our visit and all of our corresponding emails, I have definitely confirmed my initial thoughts.

The students were so excited to meet our Trucker Buddy, Mr. Eason. When he entered our classroom he sat and chatted with students about his recent experiences and took numerous questions from the students. Although, some of the boys were quite fixed on asking him if he was ever in danger. Then students were given a tour from Mr. Eason to see his 10-wheeler. They each sat in his chair and toured the back of his truck. Finally, he opened the engine for them to see what it takes for an 10-wheeler to run. It was a wonderful opportunity and experience.

Our Trucker Buddy Visit on PhotoPeach


  1. Very fun! Your students looked so cute behind

    the wheel of that big rig! Thanks for sharing.

    Lifelong Learning

  2. Our PBS theme this year is " Trains, Planes, & Automobiles", so we're following 2 truckers from our community. At various stops they will send postcards and then we post on a large USA map (using string and the postcard) in the hall where they've been...fun.

    Love the video. I'll have to remember to take pics when they stop by at the end of the school year.



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