Camp Write Along- Day 3

Today was another fun filled day at Camp Write Along.

We began the day with announcements from our Camp Coach(me). Then we reviewed all our songs, "Write, Write, Baby",and "The Twelve Days of Writing." Today we introduced them to a new song called "The Writing Hokey."

Next, my student teacher read the book Amelia Bedelia goes Camping.

My second class had library today, and our friendly librarian came to our camp to share a book.

In the middle of our camp, I had a call from our office that my son's school called to report that he was injured during recess. He ran into a little girl, and her head hit him right under his eye. Luckily since his school is right next door, I walked across to pick him up. Here is a picture of him and I at Camp Write Along.

Finally, students began writing. Here is our writing prompt from today and a student sample.

Last but not least, a short video to showcase our day!

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  1. What a great writing sample! Way to go Jeremiah! Wouldn't it be great if more of our days could be like 'Camp' days? The engagement is evident in every picture and every face. Sorry our Skype didn't work today. We'll try again later. Mrs. Rodriguez


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