Camp Write Along- Day 2

Day 2 of Camp Write Along went better than yesterday. You could tell camp is making a differnce because more sleeping bags were brought today than yesterday. All students were motivated and eager to learn, and may I also say we had 100% attendance today. That definitely says a lot!

Today's theme was focused around a time when you have been afraid.

We began with our announcements from our principal, who is our Camp Director.

Then we began by reviewing our songs from yesterday some of which are: "Write, Write Baby", and "The Twelve Days of Writing." These songs and the agenda said by our Principal can be found at Fabulous Fourth Grade Froggies.

Next, my student teacher shared a chapter from the book Nightime by Todd Strasser. Students sat around our campfire, and listened attentively as she read the story in a soft, and scary voice. She even had them screaming, as she startled them halfway through.

Then onto the best part of the day, the Writing!

Our writing prompt was as follows:
You teacher has asked you to write about a time when you were afraid of something or someone. Maybe you watched a scary movie or had a weird dream. If you had to make an important decision or was worried about a consequence, perhaps you were afraid.
Before you begin to write, think about a time when you were afraid of someone or something. Who or what made you afraid? What happened to make you afraid? How did you deal with it?

Camp Write Along Day 2 on PhotoPeach

Check out my shoes I wore to camp today. I had many comments made about them including that my shoes were not camp shoes. My reply was that I am the Camp Owner and I am dressed to impress!

Looking forward to another great day at Camp Write Along!

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