Effective Technology Use

My classroom has become the Global Classroom! Technology has had the largest impact on my teaching this year. It has helped engage students, and my lesson plans are richer and timelier. My classroom has become a 21st century classroom due in part to the technology grant that I was awarded at the beginning of the year, which includes 10 iPads, 5 netbooks, 3 flip cameras, 2 iPods and a laser printer

A 21st Century Classroom

1. outcome based
2. Learning based on Blooms's- synthesis, analysis, and evaluation
3. Research driven
4. Active Learning
5. Learners work collaboratively with classmates and others around the world
6. Student Centered
7. Grades are based on what was learned

During the next few weeks my students and I will not only be preparing for the high stakes testing that is soon approaching, but also working collaboratively in groups on technology based learning projects.

You can check out my lesson plan for next week here!

Also, on Saturday I am presenting to new teachers Effective Use of Technology in the Classroom. Click here to view my powerpoint.

What technology tool do you find most effective with your students in your classroom?


  1. Hi Erica:

    I cannot imagine life without my Promethean Board. We have netbooks too, but we are not taking full advantage of them (yet).

    We have ActiveExpression on the netbooks (rather than those cute little voters) and the kids enjoy that as well. We are starting to use a variety of "learning sites" (Spelling City, LearningUpgrade, etc.) along with Word, ActivInspire, PPoint and Blogster. Baby steps, but getting better!

    Your blog always inspires me to learn more and do more...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. My class has the benefit of a SMARTBoard, a class set of netbooks, and most recently, an iPad. I am involved with a digital conversion pilot in my district, so this has been our first year with such easily accessible technology.

    Kidblog has really been a great piece for us to use this year. It has really strengthened our reading community.

    I also have liked using Classconnect for an easy way to share information with my students and for them to submit things to me.

    I keep looking to add to our list of online tools to use and to build a 21st Century Classroom as you describe above. It is an invigorating challenge!

    Good luck with your presentation. I am going to check it out now!

    Lifelong Learning

  3. Hi Erica,
    I have been fortunate to have a Technology Model Classroom also in our district. I remember back to the days when I had a projector hooked up to one of my desktop computers and projected websites and videos onto a blank bulletin board because my screen was broken. I have come a long way since those days back in 2004.

    Since I teach 4th grade math and we have a subscription to IXL, I am grateful to have 15 netbooks in my classroom. I do a direct lesson and then the students break into two groups. One groups does their work on IXL using the netbooks, while the other group completes the problems associated with the day's lesson, after thirty minutes they switch groups. During this time I can pull small groups to work with on skills that have not been mastered.

    I can't imagine teaching without my Promethean board and netbooks. Our favorite web tools include Skype, Glogster, kidblog, Edmodo, and Google docs.

    Can't wait to hear how your presentation went on Saturday. Where did it take place? How many were in attendance?

  4. Erica...I checked out a couple of posts on your blog...it looks like technology has transformed your classroom! Great job! You should check out my post "Informational Text" to see our Critical Thinking rubric..because of it, .the kids are now using the 3 highest levels of RBT, it's so cool...and we wrote it into our SIP plan to implement it schoolwide...check it out at http://tinyurl.com/1214SIP.
    Take care, Jen Jones @ helloliteracy.blogspot.com


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