Camp Write Along- Day 4

Today was devoted to revising. We began our day with a short video from our camp director.

We sang all of our songs!

Then, I reviewed with students how to revise using the anchor chart shown.

I then had them draw a circle map and write down two of their favorite adjectives. I modeled by using the words stupendous and scrumptious. Then students turned and shared with their buddy and recorded a word from their buddy's circle map that they liked.

Next, I had them flip their papers over to draw another circle map on the back to brainstorm other words for said. You can see from the picture we came up with a few.

Then I sent students off to revise. They each received a dictionary and thesaurus to use, as well as, a colorful pen to make any revisions.

Students shared their essays with their partner for more revisions, and then set off to publish on their blogs. Please take a look here at a few student samples and leave a comment.

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