Mardi Gras Events and Activities

Carnival season and the week before Mardi Gras is always a fun filled time at school with lots of events and activities planned for the students. There are always lots of parades in the city and in our local area on the weekends and on some weeknights. It is also a tradition to have King Cake which is always a plus for the students. Everyone is always excited to see who gets the baby in the King Cake.

It is also a great time to teach students how Mardi Gras originated in New Orleans and discuss the meaning of traditions and culture throughout our lessons as well as share this wealth of information with others as we did through a Mystery Skype and by writing letters to our pen-pals in New York. 

We skyped Mrs. Egesdal's 4th grade class in Forest City, Indiana. We gave them 8 facts about Mardi Gras, showed them a King Cake, and even demonstrated a second line including some Mardi Gras music. 

In this picture below, you can see the Mardi Gras masks students colored and cut out to wear for our annual PreK & Kinder parade and to wear during our Mystery Skype.

Here are the bead dogs we made to include with our letters to our pen-pals in New York.

 A picture of the students hollering for beads from some of the PreK students.

And of course our cheerleaders whom I coach marching in the Little Rascals parade.

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