President's Day Bio Poems

This week to celebrate President's Day and to tie in citing sources. Students created bio poems on a president. Using their social studies textbook, students located the president that corresponded to their class number. Then using the following bio poem template found at Classroom Magic students went to work using Google search engine to find out more information about their president.

Here's the sample bio poem I created to model for students on our current president Barack Obama:

optimistic, hopeful, intelligent
son of Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham
born in Hawaii
44th president of the United States
He doesn't like ice cream and worked at Baskin Robbins as a teenager.
challenged by the economy and helping struggling families
who cares deeply about his country

You can check out their bio poems on their blogs here. After students typed their poems on their blogs and saved their draft, they used the Kids President's Finger painting app (FREE) to locate their president color it, save it and then insert it into their blog.

Finally, to wrap up the lesson students students created a bibliography using noodle tools.

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