Partner Teachers Rock!

My Partner teacher Mrs. Wilson Rocks! Mrs. Wilson and I teach two 4th grade classes of about 30 students. She teaches Math, Science and Social Studies and I English Language Arts. The partnership we have built over the last two years has been valuable. We share common philosophies on teaching and have a love for technology. We also both began a blog last summer, which has become a place for us to reflect, share and post our daily lessons.

Please stop by Mrs. Wilson's Blog and Check out the happenings and my surprise birthday party in Room 1!


  1. Hi Mrs. Shepherd! Thank you for your advice regarding Edmodo. I'm going to play with things this summer and try to launch next year (only 22 days left this year!). Also, I decided to post about your question on the Jackie Robinson text comparison activity. Please stop by if you haven't already. ~ Amanda @ The Teaching Thief

    Comparing Texts with Jackie Robinson

  2. Found your blog today! I am your newest follower:) Stop by and visit me...

  3. This is my favorite post :)
    Thank you, Erica.


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