Identity Day Project

I held my first annual Identity Day on Tuesday, May 22nd. I first came upon this idea from a colleague and friend Paula Naugle. My students began this project by first identifying their passion and then answering 10 reflection questions on their Kidblog. I divided the questions up over a three week period and students answered in a weekly center. Then when the big day came, which was our last full day of school, students brought in items to showcase their passions. We set the desks up in a circle and used the desktops to display their items. Finally, we invited a few classes to come to our Identity Day.


  1. Ok, I thought I posted my comment..but maybe not, so here it goes again.

    What a great project for the end of the year. I'm always at a loss of what to do for the last couple of weeks.


    A Time to Share & Create


    Fabulous 4th Grade

  2. Hey Erica! Thanks so much for that link for the interview questions! I remember reading that post but totally forgot about it. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!


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