Camp Write Along -Day 2

The Agenda for Day 2 of Camp Writing Along was as follows:

  • Message from our Camp Director
  • re-sang "The Writing Hokey" 
  • learned a new song "Write Write Baby" ( to the tune of Ice, Ice Baby, which was one of my favorite songs back in the day)
  • Learned how to write titles for our essays/compositions
  • began pre-writing our essay

Here's a look at the anchor chart I used to anchor student's learning while learning how to write titles. I used the powerpoint I created in Day 1's post to review the 5 different ways to write titles, and I shared with students some books from our own library that possessed the titles we were evaluating.

Then students got comfortable and began writing the body of their paper. The students are writing to their teacher explaining which field trip destination they would rather, Monticello or Mount Vernon. They are to give details from both passages in their essay. They are given a 3-4 paragraph description of each destination in which they need to use to include text evidence in their essays, as well as their own opinions and voice. 

Below you can see, Mr. Martinez, my partner teacher and ELL teacher, conferring with a student about his writing.

Working hard at Day 2 of Writing Camp!

Lights Out Campers!
See you tomorrow!

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