Camp Write Along-Day 4

Camp Write Along Day 4 's focus was on writing our rough drafts and conferring.

We began our day with watching a short clip from our Camp director, and then we sang our camp songs. Today we learned a new song called "Camp Write Along" to the tune of the YMCA. We also re-sang the "Writing Hokey" our favorite camp song so far. However, before the start of our camp day, I took a walk to one of our third grade teacher classrooms who is also hosting Camp Write Along. They were all set up for camp reflecting on what they learned from their previous day in their cool journals they made. They also sang for me the "Camp Write Along" song.

Here are my students comfortable and writing away. They wrote at least for an hour completing their Flee Maps and then writing their rough drafts.

Next we set off to the computer lab to type our papers on Kidblog and print them out for peer editing/revising tomorrow. They didn't all get to finish typing today, so we will finish up tomorrow.

Finally, we came back to class and wrapped things up by sharing their papers. Students sat in a big circle and when I called "Campers, Campers" they said pass and passed their papers to the right. They read their classmates paper and looked for evidence of their hook, reasons, and conclusions. Last, they returned their papers to their original owners and they read their paper aloud to their partner.

Guess What? At the end of our eventful day, I was announced the Teacher of the Year! 

Lights our Campers!

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