Celebrating Dr. Seuss's Birthday

To celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday, my 4th grade class participated in various activities throughout the week.

First, I collected a plethora of Dr. Seuss books from home, our school library, and I even picked up a few on sale at Target for $5 each. Students paired up with a partner and chose one of the books. They read the book with their partner and wrote a short book review and posted it on their blog. While they were reading their chosen Dr. Seuss book I went around and took their picture using the Dr. Seuss Camera app. Once all pictures were taken students found their picture in the Photo Stream via the iPad and uploaded the picture to their blog.

Here's a sample blog post:

Do you dream of going to different kinds of places in the world? Then read Oh,the places you’ll go by Dr. Seuss. You’ll find out a lot about the different places you could go. The different places you could go in the world are like to scaryland and alot of other different places. Even though you might have never been to the places you will like to go you and can go to them in your imagination.
If you like imaging things in the world, I recommed this book. This author inspired me and he will inspire you too.
Friday we buddied up with a Kindergarten class and my 4th graders read and shared their Dr. Seuss book with their new Kinder buddy. They did such a good job reading, sharing the pictures and even asking them some questions about the book. I see some future teachers in my class!

Then they helped their Kindergarten buddies with a Cat in the Hat craft activity.

We even had a visit from the Cat in the Hat! Thanks to 3rd grade teacher Mrs. Rodriguez.

Two of the kindergarten teachers shared Dr. Seuss books with the entire group.

What a fantastic day! 
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

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