World Read Aloud Day

We celebrated world read aloud day today with a Skype call to Ms. Hahn's 4th grade class from Our Lady of Peace school.

They began the Skype call with giving us a few facts to locate their state such as:
-they are near a lot of lakes
- a country borders their state
- their state has a 125ft. tower
-their is a large supply of iron in their state

We then gave them some facts about our state such as
-we are located in the southeastern region
-Mardi gras is celebrated here
- we became a state in 1812
- our state was named for King Louis IVX of France
- our state flower is the magnolia bloom, state tree is the bald cypress, and the state bird is the brown pelican

They took their guess of Louisiana and were right! We then took our guess which was a class split between Michigan and Wisconsin. We were wrong with both of our guesses, so we asked for one more clue. Their next clue was that the Mississippi River begins in their state. The students knew the answer right away was Minnesota.

Then Ms. Hahn's class shared a Dr. Seuss book with us titled Theirs a Wocket in my Pocket

I shared Wacky Wednesday by Dr. Seuss.

How did you celebrate World Read Aloud Day?

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