Favorite Pins Friday

Cara at The First Grade Parade is hosting a Favorite Pins Friday linky. Pinterest is definitely one of my everyday go to sites. I have tons of pins 2,176 pins to be exact. You can check them out and follow my many boards here

Here are a few of my favorites pins..............


This pin was created by Think Share Teach and leads you to151 leading sites for Elementary Educators. 


Christy Whitehair has created 4th grade CCSS ELA labels as a FREE download. I have already downloaded these labels and made file folders to hold all of my lessons, assessments and other resources that pertain to that standard that I will collect throughout the year. 


Love this simple and easy to make teacher gift by Lisa Storms. She also has the tags available as a free download. I've made this gift for my teacher friends and for my boys' teachers.


Love this Data board by Angie at Two Things in Common. We were asked to create a Data wall this year for our classrooms and I have found the look I want with this pin. I really like how Angie has a mission statement and ground rules posted on the wall. 


This is the best and simplest recipe for pot roast. I make this at least every two weeks and my family loves it. I've even made it over the stove cooking it for about an hour and a half instead of in the crockpot, which takes many hours. The only thing I changed when cooking it over the stove was the type of meat I purchased, which was grilling meat instead of a round roast.  

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