Classroom Progress

It was my third day back working in my classroom. I can definitely say I'm making some progress, but still have lots to do. 

This is the wall on the left of my room. You can see my super improver wall for both of my 4th grade classes. Next is the homework board, which I purchased because there wasn't a dry erase board in the classroom. I think I'm going to make the bare board in the middle the writing board for the stages of writing. The last board is my class rules and will hold behavior cards.

Here's the front of the room with my library of genres bulletin board, a reading center with rug in the corner and a bookshelf holding a plethora of mentor texts. The easel is on the reading carpet for now. To the left of the board are reading strategy posters and the WBT scoreboard. To the right of the board is a pocket chart to hold the learning goals and to the right of that is my data wall.

Here's the side of my room that still needs lots of work. On the far left are leap readers which were left in the room. Anyone use these? To the right of the cabinet are the leveled readers that go with our basal treasure series. I plan to have students use these as take home readers to practice class skill. I purchased red chevron fabric yesterday and brought it to my mom who is making me curtains to cover the cubbies at the bottom and two valences for the windows. Can't wait to hang those up. The two file cabinets you see by the bottom right will go by front door. 

Here's the back of the room another uncompleted area. I'm getting another kidney table to put in the back left corner in front of my mobile lab. The rest of the wall contains my classroom library.

This is a view from my door looking in.

I'm making progress! 


  1. You are making progress and it looks good. I've been putting in a couple half days, but not a lot of progress. When do you start? Teachers report on the 12 & students on the 14th of August.

    A Time to Share & Create

    1. Hey Pat,

      Thanks for stopping by! Teachers report on the 6th and students on the 9th. It will be here before you know it.

  2. Great Start...motivating me to start on my room!


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