Teacher Appreciation Challenge

Mr. Hughes over at Educator's Life is hosting his second annual Teacher Appreciation Challenge. The challenge is to focus on a teacher you work with that you would like to acknowledge. Click on the link above to acknowledge someone you would like to show appreciation to during Teacher Appreciation week. 

    I would like to highlight a long time colleague of mine, Carlos Martinez. I have taught with Carlos for close to 11 years. We began as partner teachers teaching 4th/5th grade and then both worked as ELL teachers for three years. Carlos currently teaches 3-5th grade ELL students during the ELA block. He facilitates the English/Writing lessons. We work cohesively in planning lessons and differentiating instruction for our students.  I appreciate all of his support through the past 11 years, and the many strategies and techniques that I have learned from him. Carlos has a great rapport with students and always makes his lessons engaging by giving real life examples. Thank you for your hard work, dedication, and passion for teaching. You make a difference and are appreciated!

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  1. Thank you very much! I stumbled onto your blog as I often do when I am looking for all things educational and I saw this. I either forgot you did this or I didn't know. Either way, thank you so very much. I've also learned many things from you.


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