What is your Passion?

What is your Passion? 

This was the question that students thought deeply about and delved deep into over a two week period in my classroom. 

I began with introducing the project to students, and then saying that over the next two weeks students would think about what they were passionate about and reflect on their passion in their notebooks. Students were given two questions a day over five days for a total of 10 questions. Then at the beginning of the second week students took their notes and typed up their Passion questions on a blog post via our Class Kidblog. Finally, on Monday students presented their passions. 

We began by opening our classroom up like a museum for 3-5th graders to walk through and view our passions and ask questions. A few students even showcased their passions.

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  1. Do you have a sample of what your two questions were each day?
    Fourth Grade Flipper


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