BioBlitz Training

After a week of rain in southern Louisiana, today turned out to be a chilly but beautiful day. It was a great day to take a walk and participate in a training event at Jean Lafitte National Park. Friday, May 17th my students will participate in a BioBlitz at the park working alongside scientists to collect various insects. They will perform various methods to locate the insects such as log busting and using aerial nets to sweep trees. Then they will analyze and identify the insects found. The coolest part is they will use the app Project Noah using our iPads to record the specimens found. They will be able to upload pictures, identify the insect and update their location.

So, today I took part in the teacher training for the BioBlitz to accustom myself to the methods of locating and capturing insects. I am no bug lover, but it was really cool!

Here are a few photos from my day:

Here's me holding one of the aerial nets used to catch insects. It's almost bigger than me!

A spider found with another teacher's aerial net. 

This is what Mrs. Wilson and I found in our net and on the ground nearby, some snails and a worm. 

Is it a millipede or a centipede? 

A cricket

Park ranger Stacey sorting through some leaves.

Mrs. Wilson scooping for some macro invertebrates. 

Here's a few things we found. I know it's hard to see but there is a snail, two beetles and two baby crawfish. 

I am looking forward to our class field trip.
Stay tuned for pictures! 

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