How Do You Promote Summer Reading?

According to Reading Rockets,  research says that children who don't read during the summer lose up to three months of reading progress and that loss has a cumulative, long term-effect.

So, how do you promote summer reading? 

I started by going to our local library, Jefferson Parish Library, and asking for library applications for my students to get library cards. They librarians were happy to assist me with giving me a stack of applications to bring back to school to hand out to my students. Within a day or so I had about 10 library applications filled out to bring back to the library, and then within another two days the cards were ready. The students were thrilled to receive their library cards today.

Next on my "To Do" is to find a 4th/5th grade level summer reading list to send home before the end of the year, which is soon approaching on May 22.

To all my blogger friends, I'd love for you to share a copy in the comment section of your summer reading list.

Here are a few additional links to promote summer reading:

Scholastic Summer Challenge 

Barnes and Noble is offering a FREE book for 8 books read.

Reading Rockets

Happy Summer Reading !

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