A Technology Enhanced Author Study

The end of the school year is drawing near, 7 days to be exact, and this is our final full week of school.This week's lesson are packed with inquiry based technology lessons with differentiated outcomes with students blogging, commenting, creating slideshows, videos, Wordles, and typing papers and bio poems, and also using apps to create stories, to discovering animals in our habitat and more. Each day I plan to blog about our technology lessons to showcase the awesomeness of my Stars.

Today students conducted an author study on Jacqueline Davies, the author of the Lemonade War. Students worked collaboratively with their partner using the Jacqueline Davies website to develop 5 questions using the information on the site. Then students presented their findings choosing the outcome being either a blog post, slideshow or a video. I was surprised and excited to see most students chose to do the video and some even turned it into a mock talk show. Their personalities really shined.

Here's some students examples of each outcome:

Blog Post



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