End of the Year Field Trips

The end of the school year always bring lots of fun activities and events including field trips. The 4th grade team and I planned a few field trips for our students including a trip to- 

Zephyr stadium to see the New Orleans Zephyr baseball team play which ended up being rained out. Although, we ate lots of great ball park food. The nachos are always my favorite!

 A ride on the Creole Queen down the Mississippi river to the Chalmette battlefield.

Finally, just my 4th grade class participated in a BioBlitz hosted by Jean Lafitte National Park and National Geographic.

Here are a few videos I created using Animoto to view our field trips:

Creole Queen/ Chalmette Battlefield

 Jean Lafitte National Park BioBlitz

What field trips do you go on at the End of the Year or throughout the year?

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