Digital Storytelling

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What is Digital Storytelling?

      Digital Storytelling is the use of computer based tools to tell a story. It consists of students focusing on one topic and using various technological mediums such as video, narration, images, text, and music. Digital Stories can last anywhere from 2 to 10 minutes in length.

What are the benefits to using Digital Storytelling with your students?

  • motivating
  • capture student's interest and attention
  • enhanced communication skills
  • opportunities to present ideas and knowledge in a meaningful way
  • opportunities to share their work with their peers and an authentic audience and to receive feedback from that audience 
  • fosters collaboration
  • appeals to student's with diverse learning styles
  • enhances the student experience through personal ownership and accomplishment
What tools can I use to get my student's started with Digital Storytelling?

Glogster is a web based tool that students can use to make a digital poster of their topic. Glogster states that their tool will engage your students, inspire curiosity, excite learners and connect everything. Check out some uses of Glogster in a 4th grade classroom here. You do have to sign up for Glogster, which is $39 for 1 Teacher and 125 students for a year subscription. 

Haiku Deck is a free app that creates beautiful presentations and slideshows.  I've never used this app with students before because I use the Keynote app with students, but I think I will have my upcoming 4th graders explore this app to give me their thoughts on this app vs. the keynote app. 

Puppet Pals is another free app for the iPad in which students can create their own digital story using animation and audio. My students love to create their own unique voices for their characters, build scenes, and conflict. This app allows their imaginations to run wild!

Paperslide shows are another form of digital storytelling and one I've used in my classroom with my 4th graders. They are great for book shares. Click here for an example. 

You can also click here for more examples of paperslide shows. 

I think digital storytelling would be a great center activity and a culminating collaborative project for students at the end of a unit of study. 

Would you try digital storytelling in your classroom? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts! 

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