July Currently

I can't believe it is almost July! So much to read and do before school begins on August 6th. When do you return?

So, of course to start off July, Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade is at it again with her monthly currently.

* Listening to my 3 boys run around the house- They are really into Indiana Jones movies and dressing up pretending they are on adventures. It is so cute, but my house ends up looking like a disaster after they get worn out.

*Loving that it is Saturday-I've been up since 7am, went to the gym, and came home to cook lunch. I'm   catching up on my blog reading and commenting, and then hoping to watch some TV and relax.

*Thinking of all the things I need to get printed & laminated- I have so many items on my wish list over at TPT and a few items that I have created myself. I need to get them printed, laminated and then hung up in my classroom. I am switching classrooms this year and moving into an entire new building. I am hoping I can get my things moved in the next two weeks with the help of my hubby.

*Wanting granite countertops and roman shades- I sent my hubby to Home Depot this morning to order roman shades for our 4 kitchen windows, but then he called me and talked me out of it because he thought the price was too high. So, now we are thinking of getting granite countertops. I am hoping we get one or the other before the summer ends. One house project a summer.

*Needing to catch up on my reading of WBT and Teach Like a Pirate- I am participating in the WBT book study and am currently on chapter 7. I can't wait to get started on implementing more of WBT in my 4th grade classroom this coming year. I am also reading Teach Like a Pirate, but am only about 1/4 of the way through. However, I am participating or sometimes lurking on the #tlap Twitter chat. You can check out the archives here

* My Tip is to bring enthusiasm and passion into your classroom!

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