4th Grade Reading Workshop

What a great Linky Party Idea! Implementing Reading Workshop into my classroom this year is my ultimate goal. I want to create a passion for reading using authentic literature. I have been doing a lot of research over the last month and collecting ideas and fitting them to match my teaching style.

This is what I have done so far:

2011-2012 Reading Plans

My goal is to build life-long independent readers by creating a passion for reading using authentic literature.
Students will:
• Read independently
• Confer with teacher at least twice a week
• Be required to read at home using leveled reader or (may use fluency passage in workbook) and complete a Reading Response Card either in noteboook or on Edmodo for students with internet access
• Choose and read self selected texts at their reading level

Readers Workshop will consist of 3 parts lasting for about 60 minutes
• Mini-lesson (teaching point-10-15)
• Individual Daily Reading (25-30min)
• Closing- Share strategy taught or students share (5min)

IDR= 2-3 times a week students will have the opportunity to complete a task, Teachers will conduct guided reading at this time. Student goals for IDR= fluency, accuracy, comprehension, expanding knowledge (I have charts for this that I need to find first and print.)

Guided Reading- Teacher will re-introduce strategy, then assign reading to students, move to each student and have them read their selection for a minute and take anecdotal notes, discuss vocabulary in context. Students will use sticky notes to practice thinking while reading using color coded chart.

Action Plan: http://www.thelearningpad.net/readersworkshop.html
(Using Read-Aloud and Mini Lessons)

Week One Mini Lessons: Discuss Building a Reading Community -what readers do, Talking Partners (Anchor Chart-Discuss reading to self and brainstorm expectations and where they are allowed to sit and allow to practice) Read to someone- how to chorally read or turn taking sitting EEKK style (practice)Setting Reading Goals and introduce the FACE board. Allow students to Blog on what they have learned about in Week One using Edmodo- Read Alouds used during First Week-First Day Jitters and Chrysantheum. I am still searching for more read alouds to add to my list.

Week Two Mini Lessons: Building Reading Habits- I will use Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing to discuss how to think while reading, sticky notes to point at unfamiliar words, things already know or questions we may have. Introduce Notebook and writing about Reading using Response Cards, Choosing Just Right Books and building stamina.

These ideas came from Beth Newingham, Angela Bunyi, KB connected’s Live Binder. Thanks! Now I just hope it goes over smoothly.


  1. Thanks for linking up with the swamp! Great ideas!
    Swamp Frog First Graders

  2. I love doing Reading workshop. I have done it in some form for nearly 15 years. I currently use CAFE. Not only will you love it, but your kids will, too! Good luck.


  3. Hey I am having a linky party about your favorite reading mini lesson. Link up this would be great. I want to start reader's workshop in my room and need ideas I have never done this. Thanks



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