Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!

School is soon approaching, and I am eager to get back to share all the wonderful things I have discovered this summer with my colleagues. I have become hooked to many social media sites this summer with one of them being Twitter. I have shared ideas, networked, and even eavesdropped with many educators around the globe. I have bookmarked so many wonderful articles and resources that have expanded my knowledge of education. Twitter has been the best professional development that I have participated in. The best of all it is FREE! I am hoping during the first week of school to share my thoughts on Twitter and why I think it is beneficial for educators to sign up. Below you will find a presentation I created using Google. Google Docs is something else I discovered this summer and am just touching the surface with it.

Anyway, I hope you will check out my presentation and add your thoughts about Twitter and what you have gained from Twitter as an educator.

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